Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Just a thought

A couple people have left comments... I was just thinking I am sure Lianna would LOVE to see your comments and well wishes on her blog from time to time. Plus, I'm going to try and make her blog into a book for her when she comes home and the comments you all leave will give her good memories for years to come!...



Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mission Address

Here is Lianna's address in the Mission:

Sister Lianna Bonelli
Nebraska Omaha Mission
11930 Arbor St. Ste. 203
Omaha, NE 68144

I know she'll love lots of letters!!!!!

Off to Omaha

We didn't get much of an email last week. Lianna was doing her tour guide training and it seemed a little bit hectic. She's of course still doing really well! We're so proud of her!

She left this morning for Nebraska and will be arriving at the Omaha airport shortly! I know she's going to do great! Hopefully we'll get a really good email from her next week, whenever her P-day is!

Keep the prayers going for her I'm sure she needs them!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lianna's 2nd Email (from last week)

Disclaimer: Sorry I didn't post this already... I've had really bad morning sickness and have not been feeling well and kept forgetting to get this posted. I'll try to be better!!

hey everyone,
thanks for all the emails and letters. i love hearing from you. you don't realize how important letters are for missionaries until you are one. disclaimer: the exclamation point doesn't work, and neither does the shift button... so that is why i seem poorly educated and unexcited. haha. well, the mtc has it's ups and downs. mostly ups. some days i get really discouraged, but by the end of the day i am always reminded of why i am here. it's amazing how it works out. i love everyone here. i have amazing teachers who all have a way of teaching me important things about myself. the other day i got really frustrated because i was having trouble teaching. i felt like i knew the lessons and everything made perfect sense in my head, but when it came to explaining it, i always froze up and it was frustrating. i realized that part of the problem was that we were teaching people who were already members, who knew what i was talking about, so i just felt like i was being phony. one of my teachers, brother robinson, had an interview with me and told me about situations in his life where he felt the same, and he made me feel like it's possible to be yourself, you don't even really have to think of them as people who are pretending to be non-members, just teach. i tried that yesterday, and it went really well. i prayed that i would be able to just teach it, because i know it, and i have a testimony of it. i felt really good, and i know that heavenly father is helping me improve every day.
i do have a problem though. these mormons have no sense of how much time is required for me to get ready in the morning. ugh. i have managed to get ready in 35 minutes every morning since i have been here. it's miraculous, but totally unnessecary. haha.
oh. last night we had a devotional with the one and only.......... quentin l. cook. yep, that's right. it was amazing, and i am so happy we got to hear from him.
in sacrament meeting on sunday, i got to sing "this is the christ." it was fun, and tomorrow i am going to audition to sing at a devotional before i leave. pray for me =)... since i would be singing for about 2100 people. alone.
i have hardly cried at all since i have been here. totally unlike me. i didn't even cry when i reported. and i haven't had any doubts at all. i miss home, but i haven't had any homesickness that has made me want to leave. i guess i'm in the right place =)
my last week here will be spent in some random building for visitors center sisters, and i guess we only get one day on temple square. i'm still not sure how it works yet. sister larsen and i met a girl in the t.r.c. who served on winter quarters. she gave us some fun info. it sounds like i will love it.
well, i'm having a blast and i can't wait til i get to omaha. i love you all, and i hope to hear from you soon. we only get 30 minutes to email here, so sorry this isn't super detailed, and sorry i couldn't write everyone individually. but i have laundry time to write letters out =)
okay, gotta go. love you all. muahhhh.
sister lianna bonelli

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lianna's First letter... well email !!

Lianna sent an email to "everyone" via our mom today! She's doing really well! The MTC has sucked her in! I loved the MTC as well! It's such an amazing place!

Lianna is the lead sister for her district. She has a great district and is learning a lot. She relies on her companion to get her around the MTC because she says it's too confusing. (that totally sounds like Lianna to me! :) )

She is loving all of the love and support she is getting and asks for it to keep coming! They're only allowed to write letters during their p-day hours (today was the first time she had p-day time and she sent one email that's all she had time for).

The kitchen staff is spoiling her rotten and making her special wheat free meals every meal which is super cool for Lianna!

Lianna is having to come out of her shell (her words) a lot! Doing the mock discussions and things!

So far she's loving every minute of the MTC!!

We're so glad she's doing well and loving it!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Arriving at the MTC

Lianna's sweet friends Liz and Allison dropped her off at the MTC last Wednesday morning! Here are the pics (thank you Allison) of that exciting afternoon!!! Hopefully we'll all here from Sister Bonelli soon!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Off to the MTC

Lianna has officially reported to the MTC! I am taking over her blog for the next 18 months so that all of her loved ones can see what is happening on her mission! She is going to be great! When we left her at the airport on Tuesday morning she was totally ready! She was the only one that didn't shed a tear! We are so proud of her willingness/eagerness to serve the Lord! She is going to be so blessed! Here is a cute pic of her with Oliver her favorite at the airport just before we left her! Also, I'm posting her MTC address!! Send lots of letters! I know she'll appreciate it!!

Until next time!


Sister Lianna Christine Bonelli
MTC Mailbox #120
NE-OMA 0330
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT 84606-1793