Monday, January 3, 2011

January 3rd Email

So, I think my weeks are starting to establish themes again! This week was amazing! It all starts with my lack of desire to go tracting. Since I started my mission in a Singles Ward, where tracting is really ineffective, It's taken me a while to really grasp a desire to tract. also, I've just been super exhausted lately, so going out all day started to wear on me a bit. last Wednesday, Sister Stanger and I knew that we were going to go tracting, and we knew that we would be doing a lot of it. I was not excited! So that morning, I prayed and asked Heavenly Father to help me to not only have the desire to really work hard, but enjoy it, whether or not there were results. We went to check on a few people first, and while we were leaving the house of one person, we decided to go to one of the streets we decided to tract. We were making a U-turn in a little cul-de-sac and I randomly said, "Hey, why don't we tract this little circle while we're here?" So we parked, and prayed before we left the car, asking again to have joy in tracting. As soon as we got out of the car, we saw a woman pulling her garbage cans out of her Garage. Sister Stanger offered her our help, and we helped pull cans to the curb. She asked us if we were mormons, and joked a bit about how her mom used to make her hide whenever they came knocking on the door! But then she said, "If you have a message to share, I would really love to hear it!" Needless to say we were pretty excited that she basically contacted us. We went in and listened to her story a bit, and she has been through everything imaginable. She's been sober for about 3 years, and has overcome a ton of awful things in her life. She said that She saw us in the neighborhood a few days before that, and wanted to talk to us but was afraid to for some reason. We taught her about Joseph Smith and she was really interested. She was amazing! We were So excited! I am so thankful. I know that was an answer to my prayers. I didn't even ask for Susan to come along, but she did just when I needed a little boost. It was amazing. a few days later, we had a similar experience. We tracted into a cute little family, and the little boy asked his mom if we could come in. She said "Are you going to listen if they come in?"... He assured her that he would, and she let us in, and we're meeting with her again tonight!
We were a little worried about Candice's husband Eli. He's just super shy reserved, so we didn't know what his actually interest level was. We stopped by after the holidays to set up an appointment, and eli wasn't home, so we asked candice about how he's feeling what brought everything about. She said he's pretty interested, and while they were on a roadtrip to texas, he asked her all sorts of questions, and said he had lots of questions for us! So we're pretty excited! =)
I've had a pretty great week. Lots of miracles. I just love how Heavenly Father really does answer our prayers. I love you all! keep me posted and write me some letters! k? MUAH
Sister Bonelli

Sunday, January 2, 2011

More Pictures from December 27th

At the Trail Center

Sister Stranger and Me

Nauvoo Temple Gingerbread House

Mini Bonelli and Stranger

December 27th Pictures

Trail Center at Christmas Time

With the Corrigan kids on Christmas

Me in front of a "Musical House." Lot's of
houses in Ralston have music set to their lights.
They also have big giant blow up Santa's, and
Bears and Snowmen. I've discovered my deep
hatred towards anything Christmasy that
blows up!

Sister Stranger and I in our "big mama" coats

Me in my "big mama" coat

December 27th Email

I hope you all had a great Christmas! Mine was wonderful! I love being a missionary, especially on Christmas. It's neat because we're supposed to be as missionary-oriented as possible on Christmas, so we still go out and work, but more so with members and visit them to help lift their spirits. We ate Dinner with the Bishop Burton and his family. They are amazing. One of the most inspiring groups of people I've met. We also ate with The Corrigans. Also amazing people. Brother corrigan made us these awesome brazillian rolls, that have no wheat, so I ate many of them.... After dinner I was fairly content with how much I'd eaten, but then we went to visit another lady in the ward who hadn't had dinner yet, so we felt obligated to accept her offer to eat dinner there.... I've never felt more disgusting in my life. But I've been well fed, so I am grateful! =)
On Christmas Eve, we got to do a progressive dinner with all of the senior couples. They each had us over to their apartments for a snack and a little activity. I've learned so much from all of them. One of my favorite things about being in the Trail center with all of them is that I get to hear their stories and their advice. I love it. We're so spoiled!
I just love how I felt on Christmas. We couldn't do a ton of proselyting, but we got to feel the Christmas cheer and really spend our time trying to lift others and I loved every minute of it! =)
I'm so thankful for the Savior and his example. I'm thankful that we can remember him all year round and that we are so blessed because of his sacrifice. I think it's neat that his role in our lives is so important that we even spend a whole month celebrating just his birth. I love reading in the book of mormon about the prophecies of his birth, and how excited everyone was for that day. I love being here in Nebraska, despite the freezing weather and the crazy people I meet. It's the best experience of my life!
I love you all!
Sister Bonelli

December 21st Email

Hola Family, I have to keep this super short today, but I have had some great things happen this week!
First of all, sadly, Gary dropped us. He just couldn't quit smoking. It was too much pressure for him. We tried really hard and prayed so much for him, but He just decided that he didn't want to try anymore, and that he didn't want to meet with us. We are sad, but it's not his time. Someday other missionaries will be able to help him, but at least we planted a good tree ;)
Some great things happened though! We had a former investigator named Aaron, who progressed quite a bit, but he couldn't get Sundays off, and couldn't progress much more, so we stopped seeing him for a while. The other day, we were going to an appointment in his apartment complex, and all of a sudden we hear him calling after us. He was running toward us and very enthusiastically yelling "Sisters! I got Sundays off!"... We haven't taught him since September.... That is a miracle! We are so excited to help him progress.
Another miracle. Our Less-active, Candice, has struggled a lot because she wants her husband Eli to join the church. She cries every time we go over there. She has invited him a few times to sit in on our lessons, but he has always declined. The other day we had an appointment with her, and we walked in and saw him sitting in the family room with his laptop. This is a common thing, but usually he gets up and leaves. This time, he closed his computer, and remained sitting in the chair. Needless to say we adjusted out lesson plans! We have met with him twice now! He's great. He's a little hesitant, and definitely doing it for Candice, but I think soon he will understand how important it is for HIM. We are excited =)
Those are just a few amazing things, but I wanted all of you to know about that! I'm so excited for Christmas, and I just love the Savior. I'm thankful that we get to think about him a little more in depth at this time of year!
I love you all!
Sister Bonelli

December 13th Email

It's been a fabulous week! Sister Stanger and I are together for a THIRD transfer! What a blessing! 3 transfers with one companion is generally unheard of in our mission! We're super excited, especially because we get to spend christmas together! Super fun! I've learned a few things these past few days. First of all, I've discovered that 5 degree weather feels the same as 17 degree weather... so I think I'll be okay! Also, I've learned that when I wear my Big down coat (or my "big-momma") I look like Jenny-annie-dots from cats. It's ridiculous. BUT, it keeps me warm, so I am grateful!
Some neat things have happened this past week! Gary has been getting ready for baptism, and He had to quit smoking by saturday in order to get baptized this coming saturday. Well... He didn't. He really struggled. But we were fasting, so we continued to fast and pray for him to at least keep from being discouraged. We were bummed, but Still trying to be positive. He went to church yesterday, and we were in sunday school. Someone went off on a random tangent about repentance, and it was exactly what he needed. I was sitting next to him and looked over and he had tears running down his face. After class I asked him if he was alright, and he said "I really messed things up yesterday with my smoking." I reminded him of the lesson we had just had, and that he just need keep working at it. We went back to teach him later that day, and we based the lesson on his experience in Sunday school. We told him that he was feeling remorse, and that he needed to run with it, and keep trying harder and quit. He then told us that that was what he was trying to do. We asked him what he was doing, and he said he hadn't had a cigarette since 6 a.m. that morning, and we were teaching him at 4:30. We were ECSTATIC! He's never made it that far before. We are so excited for him. We know he can do it!
Last week before transfers we had an appointment with a girl named Layla. She is a turn over from the Skyline sisters. She is amazing, but feels more comfortable with them, and hasn't wanted to meet with us, so we planned a lesson with both sets of missionaries. Sister Myers got sick, and didn't want to go in, because Layla is pregnant, so one of us had to stay in the car with her. Sister Stanger and I knew that whoever went into the lesson had to be the right one, and whoever would be staying in the area, because Layla needed to feel comfortable. before the other sisters got there, we said a prayer. We had decided that I would go in, but when we asked heavenly father if that was right, we both instantly felt like Sister Stanger needed to go in. I immediately jumped to conclusions and thought that I was being transfered, so I was sad. BUT, I knew it was right, so she went in. I got to know sister Myers pretty well, and she's a neat girl, so that was good for me. As for the lesson, we still don't know why sister stanger needed to go in, because we're both still in Ralston, but at least I was able to get to know Sister Myers....
The day of transfers, Sister Kunz invited the members of the Leaf-raking crew over lunch, and we got to eat leftover taco-nachos from the welcome dinner for the new missionaries that came in. That was lots of fun! It gave me a chance to say goodbye to some of my favorite missionaries who were going home (sister Lasalosi and sister Bleazard)... President went off on a tangent about how everyone needs to stop worrying so much about transfers and stop making transfer predictions. I chuckled, but also felt mildly guilty! haha.
We had a neat family come into the trail center the other day to perform at gingerbread. They were a huge family and they all played like 20 instruments. They were tons of fun. I secretly wish that I will have a nerdy musical vontrappe family someday! =)
Well, I am just continuing to love it here! More and more each day! I love you all, please have a fabulous christmas! Remember what it's all about! love you!

December 7th Email

Dear family and friends!
It's been a great week! COLD, but great. We have been in the "teens" for most of the week, so it's been really great. We had a great day at church on Sunday! Getting people to come to church is almost harder than getting people baptized. They want to get baptized, but they don't want to make time for church, and it's just frustrating! On Sunday, we had plans for all of these people to come, got rides for them and everything. There is a cute family we have been teaching, Freddy and Itzel, and they are AWESOME, and we found them a ride. We were sitting and waiting for them to come, and Their ride walked in without them, and we were bummed. BUT THEN, halfway through testimony meeting, Freddy walked in and we were so excited! Also, Gary and RACHELLE were there. We were in missionary heaven!
We had a bit of a downer. We had this great mission-wide fast last week so that we could find more families to teach, and more people. We had found some great families and i know it was because of the fast! We went back to teach this cute couple the other day, and the husband opened the door, and said, "oh, I was going to give you your book back.".... he tried to give it back, and Sister Stanger told him to keep it, and he kept saying he didn't want to waste it, and she refused to keep it... so he kept it, but they dropped us. I was REALLY sad. I was just frustrated I guess, because I was kind of feeling like I wasn't the right missionary for anyone in Ralston. We have found tons of referrals for the Spanish Elders who happen to be super prepared, and we find all the time, and I was just feeling like maybe I wasn't a good enough missionary to be lead to the people who are ready. So, I pouted internally for a little bit. Later that night, we went to an appointment with a lady named Amber, who I thought was just too afraid to say no to us. We went, and she was all ready for us, and told us she went to church when she was younger, but never really grasped it, but wanted to know more! Her husband Brian was there too, and is very interested! It was such a little tender mercy. I was grateful for that. There really is opposition in all things. You just have to look for the good side ;)
The trail center has been really busy because of Gingerbread. We have had lots of big school tours. Yesterday I got to take a group of 15 preschoolers. They were just the cutest! By the end, there were 2 little girls who kept fighting over me and calling me Mommy.... I repeatedly told them that we were all friends and didn't need to fight. After they watched the 15 minute movie, I walked in and 3 of them had completely fallen asleep. When they were getting ready to leave a little boy with dread locks came up to me and hugged me... and THEN, they were all trying to get on my lap.... THAT is not allowed in missionary world, so I had to stand up. The teachers were really sweet, but not super helpful. Aside from that, they were the cutest tour ever.
We took gary on a tour of the trail center last week. Sister Kunz was so sweet and drove us all there. She Also had sister Stanger and I over that morning for companion study! That was fun. I learned a lot. Gary loved the trail center. It was interesting though, because he decided he wasn't ready to fully make the commitment to be baptized. We have taught him lots since then, and we reset him for 12/18. He's just great.
Well, I am loving life right now!---aside from the cold! It's such a blessing to be here. Transfers are this week, and I have no idea what is happening to me. 3 sisters are going home, so there will be lots of changes but I have no idea what!

I'm starting to be a little Naive. Twice this week not once but TWICE I assumed that someone in the trail center was mormon, and asked "what ward are you in?" and got a "ward?" or "What?" in response. Super awkward! The second time I played it off well and responded with " what part of Omaha are you from?" ... super awkward! Sister Stranger laughed at me for both of them!

I love you all! keep me posted on your lives! MUAH
Sister B

November 29th Email

I hope everyone had a lovely thanksgiving! I sure did. We had Thanksgiving at the Stokes family's home. They were great! We had breakfast with another family, and they made me gluten free biscuits and gravy! It was really good. I still feel like I'm going to die of food overload, but It was wonderful! Last week we had dinner with Sister Kunz, and she randomly mentioned that her yard was being smothered by leaves, so we tracked down a bunch of rakes and invited some other missionaries in our zone to come with us to rake their yard! It was fun! We were going to surprise them, but we decided it would be creepy to sneak into their backyard, so we knocked on the door and told them why we were there, and they were so happy! They actually bundled up and came out and helped us. It's always funny seeing president kunz in normal clothes. It's a rare occurrence. Afterward, Sister kunz gave us hot chocolate, and president gave us the scoop on who's been recently engaged or married since returning home! It's so funny when he inadvertently gossips! =)
Good news, I'm not completely dying of weather shock! It was 14 degrees on thanksgiving, and I wasn't even that cold. It didn't even phase me when we were outside raking leaves! I'm so happy. It's 50 degrees today, and I don't even have a coat on. My body is adjusting... Hopefully I will be okay when it hits below zero!
Other good news! Gary DOES NOT have lice. I was on exchanges with Sister Evans on Wednesday, and we were teaching Gary. A long time ago, he told us he is schizophrenic, and we didn't think much of it, but Sister Evans had an epiphany.... He THINKS he has lice. So, I took that into consideration, and we have been asking questions, and putting together all of the pieces, and we even prayed about it. He doesn't have lice or any other bug. He's always trying to point them out to us, and it's always just fuzz or lint. Also, he sees a doctor and a psychiatrist, and they both know that he has "lice".... SO, we were able to get him to church yesterday! We were so happy. The ward was so nice and loving and excited that he was there. President and Sister Kunz snagged him from the people who took him to church, and took him under their wings. He loved it! Gospel principles was interesting though. Of all the lessons, this week was "The Scattering of the House of Israel.".... The lesson not only was complicated, but it kept going off on all of these huge tangents that I'm sure went way over his head. Every now and then President would look at us sympathetically and chuckle. Oh man.... It was crazy. BUT, he said he really enjoyed it, and we went back and taught him in the evening. He handed over all of his tobacco products! He handed it over the day before, but it turned out he didn't actually hand it ALL over, so he went in and bagged it up and gave the rest to us. This time he looked totally depressed. BUT, it's for his own good! We just love him to death.
Rachelle dropped us a few weeks ago, I don't remember if I mentioned it. She and her fiance, who's a member, broke up and she decided she wanted nothing to do with the church. But then her fiance's mom called us and told us that they got back together, and said she wanted to meet with us again. But she keeps cancelling every time we make an appointment. I don't know... It's all crazy to me. When we finally do meet with her again, we're going to kind of lay it on the table and tell her that she needs to do this for her, and take it seriously.... I don't like being stern, but she just needs to know!
We had a mission-wide fast on sunday, and we fasted for more people to be set for baptism, and more families to teach. We found a family! Michelle and Derek! They are married and super awesome. We taught them and they were super receptive!
I had a really great week! I'm excited for this one! I love you all.... keep up the fabulous work! =)
Sister Bonelli

November 23rd Pictures

Nebraska Fall

Gingerbread Creations

First Snow

November 23rd Email

hello Family =)
It's been a pretty good week for Sister Stanger and I! Every year at the Trail Center they have what is called the Gingerbread Parade. It's basically like a Creche Festival for Gingerbread houses! It's really fun. Everyone went all crazy, and made like Nauvoo replicas out of gingerbread and what not. Our zone made Gingerbread handcarts for our zone activity last week, so we did a little display! It was lots of fun, and Elder Osmond whipped out his Donny Osmond Christmas CD just for me!!!! He is really convenient to have around at this time of year. We both got really excited when that "grown up christmas list" song came on. Anyway, we had lots of fun at zone activity. It's really neat, and it smells really good in the rec room of the TC. Also, you can sign up for musical numbers, and president gave me and some other missionaries to sign up for an hour time slot next week! I'm going to sing Oh Come, Oh come Emmanuel, and then Elder Jones and I are going to sing Beautiful Savior. I'm excited.
Sunday, Sister Stanger and I gave talks in Sacrament meeting. We spoke on President Eyring's talk from the priesthood session of conference "Serve With the Spirit." Even though I'm fairly used to talking to people now, and giving trainings and stuff, I still get really nervous when it comes to public speaking. BUT, on sunday I just prayed really hard that I would be able to have the spirit guide me, and that I would be able to speak clearly and that they would be touched. It went really well! In fact our bishop came up to us after and told us that the spirit was there, and I know he meant it. I just love the spirit =)
We have lots of great people we're working with now! =) Gary of course is still amazing. I don't know if I mentioned this before, but he has a really really bad case of lice..... Yes, I can feel mom's concerned vibes right now. We have NEVER been in his apartment, and we can't touch men anyway, so I don't have lice... haha. ANYWAY, he can't go to church because he can't go in anyone's cars, and he needs a ride. He's been trying lots of things to get rid of it, but we finally found out that he's been doing the wrong things... So, we got him some things to use and hopefully it will be gone so he can go to church. He's just amazing. Every time we teach him, he just blows me away. We taught him about the temple and he really grasped the importance of a place like the temple. He also says the sweetest prayers. We re-taught him the restoration yesterday, and he totally gets it.... We're just so excited for him! He just needs to get rid of his lice and his smoking habit, and we're good to go!
We have a new investigator named David... He has a really short attention span, and said we can only teach him in 5 minute increments. Hence the short snippet of info about him.
We also started teaching this cute little family. Viviana (15), Jonathan (14), and Adriana (9)... They are very sweet and just good kids. We like them a lot.
We started teaching Freddy and Itzel. They are awesome. They just moved into the area, and they are a cute little couple. They're not married, but living together, and they have a 2 year old and a cute little newborn. We were teaching the plan of salvation, and Itzel openly told us that she doesn't really know what her relationship with God is, but that she wants to know. She was very sincere and sweet. They are great. We invited them to be baptized, but they're not ready yet. We know they will be just fine!
There's a less-active lady we're teaching named Jinx. She's amazing. She is a piano teacher, and I am using music to bond with her. lol. It's worked so far. She has opened up to us a lot about the concerns that she has, and never did that before with missionaries. She actually went to church on Sunday, so we were really excited! =)
Today it is 20 degrees out. I'm surviving... barely.
Well, family, I love you all! take care! I'm so grateful for all of you. I have been blessed in so many ways especially this past week. Take some time this week to think about the blessings you have.... =) love you!
Sister Bonelli

November 15th Email

WELL.... It has officially snowed in Omaha! The other day we were in our apartment for dinner, and right as we were leaving, it began snowing. It snowed for about an hour. We were about to drive, and I have not driven in snow, much less really been in snow, so you can imagine I was mildly nervous! We had just had a training on how we need to drive safely in the winter, and it was full of tragic scenarios, so I was not excited! But, Sister Stanger gave me some helpful tips before we left the apt, and I was able to drive us around without any near death experiences. The snow is still in the process of melting away, so we haven't had any since that evening, but It was neat while it lasted. I'm not going to lie though, I will not be sad when the winter is over. Snow is a pain.
As a missionary, your musical options are limited, so when you are asked to sing in zone conferences, you have to choose wisely! Sister Endemann, my favorite samoan EVER, and I got to sing. We couldn't figure out what the zone needed to hear, but we sorted through a big mormony sheet music book, and found Michael Mcclain's "Hold on."... yes, I sang michael mcclain. Never been a big fan. But it was fun, because we tweeked it and now I love it! =) Zone conference was amazing, as usual. President just loves us. So does Sister Kunz. They are just the mom and dad of Omaha.
We had some let downs this week. The theme for this week is "How creatively can I turn down the missionaries?" We had a new investigator, Brandi, who was amazing! She was just really receptive, and we were so excited about her. We even had our relief society president come with us to teach her. We went back to see her for our return appointment, and her husband, who we'd never met, opened the door, and handed us back Brandi's Book of Mormon, and told us she didn't need it. Oh--and he then proceeded to hand us back to website card.... Geesh.
BUT, Gary is doing well! Yesterday we committed him to quit smoking. We had our amazing teamup, sister Cristofferson, who has been a member for 4 years. She was addicted to just about everything you can think of, and has overcome so much. She's very inspiring! She really helped him get excited to quit. With him, we decided to do it little by little, so we committed him to quit for 24 hours, and we will be going back there tonight to see him.
We have a Less-active that just moved into the ward. Her name is Candice. She joined the church about 5 years ago, but has stopped going. She moved in, and requested that missionaries come to see her on She has been wanting to come back, but just needed a bit of a push so that she could do it. She is so amazing, and so strong. She came with us to stake conference yesterday, and is doing really well! I've had the priviledge of being lead to people who just need a little push to get back on the strait and narrow, and I just love it! =)
We got our conference Ensigns the other day! I am so happy! I've learned how important it is to go back and read the talks after conference. Funny story. While we were watching conference, there was a story told about a cow who snuck over to a wheat field, and ate, and got bloated and died..... I leaned over to Sister Stanger and told her that was exactly how I feel when I eat wheat!.... Our relief society president is always making sure she doesn't feed me any, and tells me she doesn't want me to be a stupid cow like that one... I love it.
I'm continuing to love my mission! It's hard work, but the most rewarding work there is. I love you all! Write me! =)
Sister Bonelli

More Pictures from October 26th

Anna's Baptism

With Sister Kunz

The Trio

Watching General Conference

With a group of French Tourists at the
Trail Center

Sister B's Grand Island House!

With the Drawbaugh's! Sister B's Grand Island

Thompson, Abhon and Najawa (Sudanese
people from Grand Island)

Pictures from October 26th

Trail Center Hand Cart with Sister Stranger

Zone Picture

Halloween Hat from Bekah

Zone Preparation Day at the Pumpkin Patch

November 8th Email

So, I've learned a lot in this past week. I've truly learned the importance of perseverence. Throughout my life, I've always been somewhat of a "giver-upper." If I'm not good at something, or if things just aren't going the way I'd like them to, I generally try to take the easy way out. Being a missionary, doesn't really allow for that kind of action. You have an entire area of people who's knowledge of the gospel is dependent upon YOU. For that reason, I've really tried to hold myself accountable for those things, and done my best not to let my fear of failure get in the way, even when I'm discouraged. These past 8 weeks in Ralston-Lavista have really opened my eyes as to what the Lord can do if we are patient. Any time any of my other areas have been in a slump, it's lasted maybe 2 weeks, and things began to pick up again. Ralston has not been that way. I've really had to keep working and working, and not allow myself to get discouraged. But after weeks and weeks of tracting, and praying, wiping the investigator slate clean multiple times, all with few results, we are FINALLY seeing an incredible amount of blessings. Last week was full of miracles. We have a bagillion new investigators, and we're teaching so much, and we have another person set for baptism! His name is Gary Obrien. He's a sweet old man. We met him on the street while we were walking. We went back to find him one day, and he was standing outside, and so we taught him right there. During the 1st Vision he said he felt very warm and peaceful. It was neat. So we set up a return appointment with him. We went back for the appointment, but couldn't find his address. We thought he gave us a fake address, and we were bummed. I kind of felt like maybe we were looking in the wrong place but I wasn't sure. Ralston is known as the land of apartment complexes, that all have the same little street names. It's highly annoying. So one night we were near his place, and decided to see if we could find it again, and we did! He didn't give us a fake address! So, we were very excited, and he was excited that we found him, and we've been teaching him ever since! He's getting baptized on 12/4! We've also been able to find many more people to teach, and it's just been so great! I'm so happy. Mainly, I've really learned the importance of enduring to the end. We just CAN'T give up. Heavenly Father truly takes care of what we can't. If we do EVERYTHING in our power to accomplish what we need to, he will allow us to see blessings. They may not be what we want, but they will be there. So, When I go home in August, I am going to need all of you to remind me of this email when I'm looking for a job, or when I'm tired of being in school, or whatever I am doing. I have really gained a testimony of this and I am so thankful! =)
Quote of the week
"Patience is not resignation. nor is it failing to act because of our fears. patience means actively waiting and enduring. it means staying with something and doing all that we can-- working, hoping, excersising faith, bearing hardships with fortitude, even when the desires of our hearts are delayed. patience is not simply enduring; it is enduring well!"- Dieter F. Uchdorf
I love you all. Thank you for your examples. Keep in touch.

November 2nd Email

Hi family!
I a pretty eventful week this past week! Transfers were on Thursday, and Sister Stanger and I are staying together in Ralston-Lavista! We pretty much knew that, but we were excited anyway! =) Ralston seems to be on its way to success! We had to drop a bunch of people again, but in just a few days we're already seeing it grow and it's amazing. I know it's because I've been doing EVERYTHING in my power to help the area... It's progressing slowly, but surely. We have 2 new investigators. Layla and Curtis. Layla was being taught by sisters in another Area, but she moved so they turned her over to us. We met her last night, and she was bear her testimony like crazy! She has somethings she has to do before she can get baptized, but she is holding out for the day. Curtis was a referral from some other sisters, and he is also great! =) We have an investigator named gary who we taught a few weeks ago. He is a sweet, soft-spoken old man, and we thought he gave us the wrong address, but it turns out we were looking in the wrong part of his apt complex, and we found him again last night. He was excited to see us and we are so thankful we thought to look in a different building! =) That was definitely the spirit!
So, Halloween as a misisonary is an interesting day. We have to be in at 6 pm. So the trail center has permission to have all of the sisters come that evening to watch church films and do crafts. We got to make all these cute photo albums, provided by one of the senior sisters and it was so fun! Sister Stanger and I were working the trail center that night, so we were in and out. A big group tour from BYU-Idaho came in, and sister Lamplugh and I split them up to take them on tours. I was getting ready to take the tour, and in walks HEATHER BELL! It was so good to see her! We got to chat about missions and how amazing they are. She looked great!
Sister Brady went home =(... I was sad. BUT I got to meet her family and it was wonderful! Her parents came to pick her up, and they came with her to trail center training on saturday morning. I felt like I'd known them for years. Her mom gave me the biggest mom hug ever! I got to go and sing to them while Sister Brady took them on tour, and tell them a little bit about William Clayton. It was really neat. I miss Mama B like crazy but I just love her and I know she's going to be amazing!
It's getting cold.... need I say more?
Things I've learned on my mission:
-how the spirit feels... like really. It's not that gigantic of a feeling. It just feels GOOD.
-3 hour weekly planning is best if done during a Nebraska Huskers game. Limits door slams
-Sugar is the devil.
-Member work is HUGE. I've never understood more than now how important member missionaries are. Missionaries are in their areas for a short time, and they can work as hard as they can, but they can only accomplish so much without the support from ward members. As influential as the missionaries are, it's not OURS. It's the Ward's. So, my commitment for you is to pray for opportunities to share the gospel with those you love. DON'T BE SCARED.
I love you all! Pray that I survive the first snowfall, whenever that happens. Write me!
Sister Bonelli

October 26th Email

Oh yeah, and another super late update I forgot last week is that our mission has some new areas. We now have part of South Dakota, and another part of Iowa in the mission. So, we have a bunch of new missionaries from those 2 missions. They've been here for a few transfers though, so it's been a while.
This past week has been really good. We had "Specialized Training.".... aka: zone conference. We went over the new system that they are using at the MTC. It was kind of cool, they had us seperate from our companions, and we each attended different trainings, so that they could fit them all into one day, and then we would train our companions the next day during companion study. It was really cool. We have really been emphasizing lately the concept of "teaching people, not lessons." I LOVE that concept. One thing that I have strived to do my whole mission is be sincere and just teach, love, and testify all at the same time. So I just love talking about that subject. I just love zone conferences. It's like going to EFY or youth conference every month, and getting spiritually refueled all the time. I love it. It inspired me to work a lot harder. Sometimes (I hate to admit) I struggle with talking to everyone I possibly can when we're walking from point A to point B, but after zone conference I had an epiphany. I decided that I could only help this area grow if I'm doing EVERYTHING in my power to invite the spirit in my life, and to do what I can. So, the next day, I talked to EVERYONE I could. I've been trying to work on the little things to invite the spirit, and I can honestly say it's been truly awesome! We've been meeting more people that are willing to listen to us, and we even have 2 people set for baptism! We haven't been able to set anyone all transfer, and it's finally happening! I'm so excited!
Rachelle decided she wants to be baptized... of course, she still pretends she hates us, but she wants to, so we're excited for her! We talked to her fellowshipper, and she said she actually really likes us, she just doesn't want to give us the satisfaction... oh well, we'll take what we can get! haha...
Our other set is Henry. He's a former investigator from Togo in Africa. He was set for baptism before, but he felt like he needed to know everything... so we're working with him on that, but he agreed to be baptized!
Things are starting to look up, and we're really excited! Transfers are coming up on thursday... We're pretty certain we're both staying in Ralston, but who knows!
Well, I love you all! keep me posted on life! =)
Sister Bonelli

October 18th Email

So, there are several things that I've meant to mention every week in my email, but forgotten about... so these are mainly old news... but here you go!
*The missionary dresscode for sisters has changed dramatically! They updated the pictures for people's call booklets, so now all the outfits are cute. Skirts no longer have to be mid-calf, they just have to be below the knee when sitting down. ALSO, my favorite new rule... Nylons are only required at Church, The Temple, and at the Trail Center! WOOOOO. Makes me so happy. Also, we don't have to wear blazers either. We can wear cardigans now! =)... Of course, we can continue to wear all of those things if we want to, but we don't have to. They are also embracing color... which is super great, but our mission was a little more relaxed about that anyway.... I'm obviously not considering changing my skirt length... it took way too long to find all of those skirts...
*I'm driving now... I'm junior companion, but Sister Stanger isn't driving... long story... SO, after 6 months of being a "co-driver," I am now driving a mission car... pray for me. ;)
*Beverly Delaney and her husband were at the trail center a few weeks ago! Someone called the trail center, and asked Sister Brady when I was going to be in next, and said they would be there. She didn't know who it was, but 2 weeks later Sister Baker, who used to live in Moval, but now lives in Omaha (Who I've seen since I've been out), showed up and told me it was the Delaneys. It was so good to see them! =) I got to take them and their family on tour and it was lots of fun! =)
Okay, now for this past week. I went on exchanges in Lincoln with one of my favorite sisters, Sister Bauer. She's amazing! I learned so much from her, and I got to work with YSAs, whom I love! We had a neat experience. It was their district meeting, so I went with her. They are doing this new district meeting thing, where they are longer, and more focused on the spirit, not business. So her district leader had us do a roleplay that was really neat. He demonstrated, and said he was thinking of real concerns that he personally had, that he was going to share with us, and have another elder try to help him resolve the concern. So they stood up, and The one elder, very emotionally, shared his concern. There was a long pause, and then the other elder shared a scripture and said exactly what he needed to hear. Spirit was what I like to call, "IN YO FACE."... It was neat. So then they had each companionship go into a seperate room and do the same. Sister Bauer and I had a really neat experience together, and she really helped me with my concerns, and I helped her with hers. Super neat.
I got to go to the temple for the first time in 3 months! It was really great! I just love our little temple. Our zone took the transfer van up to the temple, so we could save miles, so it was fun bonding with everyone. Elder Osmond is one of our Zone leaders. I love to point out that he is an osmond, because I know that he gets it all the time... so he knows I'm just being a brat. Plus, I know more about the Osmonds than most people my age, thanks to mom! I very solemnly began singing "He's my brother" to him, and he looked like he was going to have a heart attack! At first he was super annoyed, but then he started singing the rest of it. He's great! he's a really great missionary though, so I love to give him a hard time. I mentioned that one time mom made me watch a big Osmond special a few years ago, and he was like, "Did you see me!? I was there!"... He is more proud of his osmond-hood than he likes to admit.
Our investigator, Stewart, Is a dialysis patient, so he does dialysis 3 times a week. He's really hard to catch, so we decided to start teaching him when he's having dialysis and can't go anywhere. He told us we could, so it's rather convenient! =)
I don't remember if I ever mentioned it, but after I got here, Darlene got baptized! Sister Mortensen sent me a picture of the baptism. She's doing so well! The day she was confirmed she paid her tithing! She's a rock star.
This week has been a good one, and I'm excited for the coming one. Although... it's starting to get cold. I'm a little nervous. Wish me luck! I love you all!
Sister Bonelli

October 12th Email

Dear family and friends,
I have had a pretty lovely week! Things are really looking upward right now in Ralston... We're slowly, but surely on the road to where we'll have some progress! =) Also, The trees in Nebraska that I love so much are starting to change colors.... I have never seen such pretty trees. When they're all red and gold I will send pictures! =) The weather is super indecisive. It's pretty moderate, so it's not COLD yet, but it's mostly just a little chilly. Yesterday, however, it was hot. I feel like I'm in CA still.
I had a really neat experience in the trail center on Saturday. I had been struggling a bit with my tours. After a while, especially in the slow season, tours start to get a little repetitive, and you get a bit discouraged because it's hard to keep up your energy on slow days. But this time I was determined to just DO. I wanted to touch someone really badly. Three men came in. Philip, from England, Marcin, from Poland, and Rob, originally from Omaha, but staying in Poland. They were all in town for some big conference for Ambassadors or something or other. Anyway, they knew very little about the pioneers, but Rob wanted to introduce them to the history of his hometown. I put them in the 15 minute film, and went to a quiet spot to pray before hand. I asked Heavenly Father to let me know what they needed to hear so that they would be able to feel the spirit while they were there. So, I went and got them from the theater, and took them on tour. We bonded right away. We had lots of fun together! At the very beginning of the tour, we went in the Nauvoo room. I was explaining the history of Nauvoo and how they had to leave. In a glass case, we have a Book of Mormon, a Bible and a Hymn book that were all owned by saints who crossed the plains. I felt like they needed to know about the book of mormon, so I explained it to them. After I introduced it, Philip asked, "What sorts of things are in the contents of the book?" I had already explained that it's another testament of Christ, but this time, I decided to share a scripture with him. I opened up to Alma 7:11, which talks about the atonement. After I read it, He said how powerful he thought it was. During the whole tour, they all, especially philip, were in awe at the things that the pioneers went through for what they believed in. They were also intrigued by the doctrine, especially temples. When we were in the memorial room, I showed them the view of the temple, and talked about eternal families. There is a painting in the room of Christ appearing to Mary Magdalene, and next to it is a plaque that talks about eternal life. Philip read it, and asked, "So what does this mean for Mormons?" I told him that if we keep the commandments and make the covenants in the temple, we can not only live with our families, we can live with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Again, he was amazed. Eventually, we approached the end of the tour. Before we reached Salt Lake, Philp said, "I didn't expect this. This museum is really amazing." I told him that it was a special place, and that the spirit was really strong just then. In the end, we stood by the Salt Lake Temple Replica, and I bore my testimony. I told them how important this story was and that I knew the things I told them were true. I said, "I urge you all to learn more about this, and have missionaries come and teach you." All three of them referred themselves. THAT NEVER HAPPENS. I then gave them all copies of the Book of Mormon, and left Moroni 10. I gave them my address and told them to write me when they knew it was true. They chuckled, but I know they will. It was an incredibly powerful tour. I felt so close to the spirit. I know that the things they learned will change their lives. AMAZING.
We have a new investigator, Rachelle. She's a member Referral. Sister Jackson from the ward, had us over for dinner and invited rachelle. At the end of dinner, she very boldly told her she needed to take the lessons from us. She basically taught all of the lessons in about 10 minutes. Sister Stanger and I kept looking at each other, both out of excitement, and also wondering what we should do. We of course just bore testimony of what she said... it was funny. So, now we're teaching Rachelle, who is pretending to hate us. But she comes to church and meets with us, and secretly felt bad when she had to cancel last night. It's all really awesome! =)
I'm having a blast! I love you all, keep me posted on life! =)
Sister B

October 4th Email

Conference was awesome!
I loved Jeffery R. Holland's talk... A bunch of us sisters were watching it at the trail center, and we were all in tears... It was great! When you are a missionary you really gain a big view on service. You not only devote your life to others, but people all around you are constantly serving you... It's so neat to see how endless it is. And I'm sure it's a big comfort for missionary moms everywhere to know that their children are being loved... and believe me... WE ARE.
Things in Ralston are starting to pick up! So that's exciting... we had a WAY better week than the week before. We were able to finally catch Stewart Kinely, an investigater they started teaching before I got here. He's about 45 and his life has hit rock bottom. He's addicted to narcotics and he is on dialysis. We were teaching him a few days ago, and he opened up about a lot of things. When we were teaching him, I know that the things I taught him were NOT from me. Sister Stanger and I both felt the spirit really strongly, and when she was teaching, she was saying EXACTLY what I felt needed to be said, and vice versa. It was really neat. I love it when that happens! Stewart told us that he doesn't know who he is, and never really has. He was so sweet and sincere and I just want him to be happy so badly! He also said that he saw us walking around his complex one day, and he was in the middle of a "deal"... so he ran away so we wouldn't see him. He said we always show up and that he knows we're not just a couple of girls running around. That was COOL.
We met a less-active member named Kathleen Carlson. She's NUTS. I love her to death. We walked into her house and she had pictures of Elvis everywhere... no, not elvis... Elvis impersonaters!---they were signed, too. She also had a giant unicorn bolted to her wall, and lots of other random things. She told us she was tired of the "Bahoba" witnesses coming over and bugging her, because she already has a church. She then showed us all of her very original beaded creations, and gave us a thing to hang over our rear-view mirror. She told us several times that that's what it was for... sadly, president just barely told us not to hang anything from there, so it's layed nicely over the joy-stick.
Today we have a zone activity at a pumpkin patch. I've never been to a legit pumpkin patch before, so this should be exciting... most importantly, I get to wear pants! So naturally I'm ecstatic! =)
I'm loving Ralston, and I'm excited for the weeks to keep getting better! I love being a missionary! It's my favorite! I love you all!
Sister Bonelli

September 28th Email

Dear Fam,
We had a pretty great week! =)... <--- wow... I can't seem to grasp the concept that I am actually my own person, and that my companion is not me, so naturally I refer to myself as "we" all the time! It's so sad! lol. Anyway, We had a zone conference with Elder Stanley G. Ellis! It was amazing! We had a few trainings from president and sister kunz and Elder and Sister Ellis! I learned so much! I really learned a lot about how God knows what we need. He really focused on the statement "God knows." He really does. We have been struggling to find lately. The few appointments we have been able to set up all seem to fall through and we have had a few door slamming experiences. That's a dreaded position to be in as a missionary, and this area has been in finding mode for quite some time now, but one thing that Elder Ellis said that really helped me was this: "Heavenly Father knows. You are supposed to be in your areas because Heavenly Father was there before you were, preparing the people for you to bring them the gospel." That was a really cool thing to hear. I've been having a lot of personal studies lately that have to do with the same thing, and I've been able to be really chill throughout this whole finding process. Of course it's stressful, and I don't nessecarily like being in finding mode, but Heavenly Father has helped me to be able to be patient. I know it's all going to be fine. All I can do is all I can do. As long as I'm obedient and trying every option there is to find more elect people to teach, I can know that at least I have done that much. So if we never find anyone (even though I know we will) I can know that it just wasn't time yet. BUT, it's going to be fine! We actually had a really great lesson with a woman named Clarise! She's from Benin and she speaks french! Cool, huh?
The trail center has been lots of fun! The other day I was actually feeling a little lazy, and when my first tour came in the door, I was less than excited to get up and greet them. There were about 6 of them, and one woman started speaking French to me. I was mildly confused, and then she looked at my name tag and said, "oh Italiana!"... So naturally I was even more confused. Then a tall man in the back spoke english and said they were all his relatives from france who were visiting him in Omaha, and they wanted to take a tour. So I perked up, and lead them to the Theater so they could watch the pioneer movie before the tour. As they watched the movie, I prayerfully brainstormed what sort of approach I wanted to take with them (usually, everyone who comes in needs SOMETHING, so we try to meet their spiritual needs). I decided that before we began the tour I was going to sing them a song in french from back in the day. I walked in and told them what I was going to do, and to excuse my lack of french speaking abilities. I sang to them, and afterwards they were all crying! Hopefully it was the spirit... if not, French people are just really emotional. So we went on our tour, and their relative was translating for them. The spirit was really strong the whole time. Many times the translater had to pause before translating, because he was choked up. Many times I would look in their eyes and see tears. There is a part of the tour where we talk about William Clayton, who wrote "Come, Come Ye Saints," and we always either sing it, or have them sing it with us. I sang it, and then after I did, one of the men began singing it in French, and they all joined in. By this point I had tears in MY eyes. The whole tour was just great. Every now and then you get a tour that you don't want to leave. This was one of those tours.
Yesterday The Spanish Elders brought a huge group in for a tour and the Joseph Smith movie. A couple from the group asked if it would be okay to just have a tour for all the kids while the adults went with a spanish speaking Senior Elder. I took them (all 10 of them). It was great! They were so reverent and had so many wonderful things to say. I asked them what a missionary was and one little boy answered and said, "Someone who comes over for supper?".... yes, that basically defines any missionary in a child's eyes.
I've been thinking lately about how organized Heavenly Father is. It's cool to think about the Great Apostasy and how all of those other churches were branched out after. Although the full truth was lost, and the authority was gone, Heavenly Father still prepared the way for it to come back by allowing all of the other churches to be formed. That provided the way for religious freedom, which was absolutely vital for the restoration. Pretty cool. I just think that's neat.
Anyway, It was a pretty neat week for me! Things seem to be looking up in Ralston Lavista so that's exciting! and I ABSOLUTELY love Sister Stanger! She's just great. She's really sweet and HILARIOUS.
I love you family, keep me posted on life!
Sister Bonelli

September 20th Email

GUESS WHAT!!! I'm back in Omaha! =)
I am soooo happy. We had transfers on Friday, and I got the phone call that I was heading to the Ralston Lavista Ward. It's actually in the Papillion Stake, but basically Omaha. It was hard to leave the people of Grand Island, I love them so much, and Grand Island was a HUGE growing point for me in my mission, but I knew it was time for me to head out. I am now in Ralston Lavista with Sister Stanger, who is awesome, and I'm in President Kunz's ward! =) I think that's fun. Sad thing is, President is never at church... so he's less-active! Weird huh? ;)
Friday was basically the best day of my life! I headed to Omaha, and arrived and had just the best welcome of my life. Everyone was so happy to see me and I had no idea I was going to be attacked by hugs when I got back! It was great! I got to be in the Trail Center that night, and Sister Brady was there too! When I got to the trail center, she was down in the basement with some tourists who were seeing the Quilt Show (a community thing. like a creche festival for quilts). I ran downstairs and saw her standing there. She turned around and saw me and almost fell to the floor! She immediately said, "um, ok. I might have accidentally prayed for you to come back!"... It was cute. We spent about a half hour just laughing and sharing awesome stories. I just love her. She and I were worried we wouldn't get to see each other before she goes home next transfer, so the fact that I came back this transfer was really exciting for us!
The day gets even better. So, it was kind of a slow day at the trail center, and I was sitting in the "hot-seat" waiting for a tour to come in. I saw a guy about to walk in, and I realized it was CHAD! My heart leaped for joy, because I just love that kid! I yelled to sister Brady that he was there because I was so happy! He walked in, and when he saw me he ran up to me and shook my hand, almost hugged me... He still hasn't gotten used to the no-hug thing. All the while sister Brady was standing next to me, pointing at me, as if Chad hadn't already figured out that I was standing in front of him! He said Elder Taggart (the elder who baptized him, who went home this transfer) invited him to the departing testimony meeting at the trail center, and also told him that he knew I would be there, so he came early to see me! Apparently everyone knew I would be at the trail center accept for me. That just made my day. Sister Brady had to go on tour, but since there were no tours for me to take, Chad just sat in the lobby and told me how amazing his life has been since he found the gospel. This boy used to drink and smoke, had a bit of a history. He is now on the activities committee in the Singles Ward, is very active, is dating a great Lds girl, and he told me a story about the miracles of paying tithing! He's also really enthusiastic about serving a mission! 3 months ago, he was so sad and my heart just broke for him, and now his entire countenance has changed and he's just amazing. He also gave 10 referrals to the trail center. AMAZING. He thanked me for all that I did.... I don't really know what he was referring to, cause really... I didn't do anything but show up and try to love him and teach him.... The spirit did everything else. It was so wonderful to see the change in him.
We had trail center training the next morning, so all of the sisters slept over at the Trail center apartments. Everyone was just so loving and happy to see me. I just felt so much love, and I am going to be so sad when I have to leave this place!
So, exciting news. I live in a HUGE apartment with a walk-in closet. I just needed to share that with the world. I don't know how 2 sister missionaries lucked out with that one.
Ralston is amazing. I haven't really gotten a feel for it yet, because transfers this week were so nuts, but I love it so far. The members are really great and enthusiastic about helping us in any way they can. We're in a bit of a slump, so we need to do some finding, but I love it so far. It's lovely =)
Tomorrow we have a mission tour. Meaning a General Authority is coming to speak to us! =) Elder Ellis of the seventy is coming! I am singing "I know That My Redeemer Lives." I'm a little nervous, but totally excited! =)
I do miss Grand Island, but I am glad that I know I'm where I need to be! I just love it! =)
I love you all! keep me posted on life!
Sister Bonelli

September 13th Email

Hi Family!
Well this week has been pretty great! The theme for this week is "Everyone's related week!" So, we found out that Bambi Smith, who we used to teach, is related to Randi Mendez, who's door we knocked on, but haven't taught, who is related to to Brother Guerrero, who we live with, who is related to Toni and Noe Mendez, 2 recent converts in the ward. SO, small world! =) It's interesting how it all came to be. We were at the hospital, visiting a lady who stopped in to Grand Island to be treated at St. Francis hospital. After visiting her, we were walking past the little waiting room for families, and saw brother Guerrero. He was visiting his sister, who was dying. We walked in and said hello, and saw a man sitting near him, who said, "I think I know you." I realized it was Randi Mendez's husband, who we met a few weeks ago while looking for Randi. So, we figured out that Brother G was his uncle and it was super crazy. We prayed with them and gave them a book of mormon, and then left. The next day we were teaching Toni and Noe Mendez, who mentioned that Noe's aunt was dying, and we figured out that they were related too. Brother Guerrero has since told us that she did pass away, so we left a card on Randi's porch. THEN, we randomly stopped by Bambi's yesterday, just to see if we could catch her, and she mentioned that her sister's mother-in-law had just passed away, and we figured out that Bambi is RANDI'S sister. So, it's interesting. I'm still trying to figure out why all of these people are suddenly in my path. It's kind of cool. Also in this process we have met others who we shouldn't have met, but met in the process of visting all of these people. So I guess it could technically be called "Serendipity week."...
We saw Ann Johnson the other day! I just love her. We asked her about baptism. She said She feels SO much better about it. She has had many obstacles getting to church, but she said that after this sunday she would probably be ready to set a date.... Well, she didn't come to church, so we have to figure out why that is. But the fact that she herself said that, and we didn't even get a chance to try to set a date is AMAZING. I'm just thankful that she gets to talk to sister Hall on the phone now! =)
We're teaching a lady named Kathleen right now. She's kind of a hippy. She's very into energy and spiritual vs religious. She fully believes in the restoration, but she doesn't think there's just one prophet. She thinks that we should pick out the good things out of religions and ignore the bad things. She attends a church now that welcomes all religions, which is cool, but she doesn't quite grasp the whole authority thing. So, we're working on that. I get kind of nervous teaching her, because she's kind of intense. lol. Anyway, I think she's really neat. She's been through all walks of life. We'll see what happens! =)
I had a pretty cool experience the other day. Needless to say it was an AWFUL day. I was grumpy, I lashed out at one of my companions and I felt guilty, even after I apologized, and everything for the rest of the day just kept going wrong. It's interesting how little things drive the spirit away. It was lame. Anyway, I kept praying and praying for the spirit to just come back, because I definitely wasn't feeling it, and I knew I needed it. Anyway, 9:00 p.m. came around and I still felt pretty cranky and spirit-less. All of us at that point were in pretty lousy moods. After planning for the next day, sister Mortensen and I were both sprawled out on the floor like vegetables. I'm sure from an outsider's perspective it was probably funny, but at the time it wasn't. Sister Mortensen asked me to give her a tour of the trail center. I'm thinking, "What? we're like 2 hours away, that's ridiculous." But I knew it would make her feel better, so I said, "Let's head over to the memorial room. Now, look out that window to the left. What do you see?"
"The Temple."
"How do you feel when you are at the Temple, Sister?"
"Why do you feel Peaceful?"
"Because I know God loves me."
At that Moment we both were just overwhelmed by the spirit. I'm not sure why, but somehow during that little mock tour, we both were reassured that Heavenly Father truly loves us so much. I'm just so thankful for that. I have never had a side-by-side experience like that, where I distinctly knew how it felt to not have the spirit, and then was filled with it. I've been feeling it ever since! It's the best! =)
As for right now, I'm loving life. I'm a little nervous to see how transfers turn out, but ready to take on whatever Heavenly Father has to offer me. Sister Mortensen's favorite scripture is 1 Nephi 11:17. It basically says that I don't know everything, I don't know why certain things happen, but I do know that Heavenly Father loves his children. I just love that. Wish me luck and pray for me!
Sister Bonelli


Dear Followers of Sister Bonelli's blog!

I am SO SORRY that I have gotten so behind on her posts! Between moving and having a baby I have spent the last several months completely overwhelmed! I am going to do my best to do better! I have saved EVERY email and am going to get caught up right NOW!!