Sunday, August 14, 2011

April 12th Email

Well, this week has been a fantastic one! We had like no teaching pool, accept for Tom, and we found 7 new investigators last week! So we now have lots of people to work with! Tom is doing so well. He went to church on Sunday, and we're pretty sure he got his answer! We aren't seeing him until tomorrow, so we'll see what happens. All I know is he texted us after and said that every free chance he gets from Studying he's going to read the book of mormon so he can read it straight through! He's just fantastic. =)
We have a new investigator named Ellory Fitzgerald. He's this cute little old black guy. He is hilarious, and talks A LOT. Usually about politics, or crazy crimes on the news. He came to church on Sunday and he loved it! Every time he introduced himself he said, "Ellory Fitzgerald. Christ the Lord has risen." Haha. He's great.
In the MTC they show what's called "the district"... it's little films of actual missionaries in their areas showing us how to do different things. They use them even in the field. Last summer they updated them, so now its called "the district 2." They had a whole new training system and they wanted all of us to learn it so that the new missionaries coming out would be on the same page as us. Anyway, the filming was done in the San Diego mission, and 2 sisters who are on the videos came to Omaha to visit family, and they did 2 trainings for us. One was at our Trail Center Training on Saturday, and then in the evening they trained the Omaha, Papillion, and Council Bluffs zones. It was AWESOME. They taught me a lot. I have been feeling kind of a void lately, and they were able to help me figure out what has been missing, so that was great!
Transfers are this week! I am pretty certain I will be leaving Ralston. I would be happy either way, but I will definitely miss it! I kind of feel a bit like I'm going home... I've been in Ralston for so long, it's like home. I've learned so much here and grown so much. I just really hope I don't leave the Trail Center again!!! Lets just hope my companions don't mind my ridiculous suit cases, and having to help me carry them down 3 flights of stairs! =)
Well, I love you all. I pray for you every day, and I know you do for me too. Keep working hard and remember how much the lord loves you!

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