Sunday, August 14, 2011

July 12th Email

Last week was crazy! I had to say goodbye to Sister Stanger, Hale, and Itri. I was uberly depressed. I miss stanger so MUCH. Also a lot of my favorite other missionaries went home, too. It's really weird being the "oldest" now. I don't like it! They had a departing testimony meeting and I was working the TC that night, so I got to run down and say bye to them. I gave stanger the BIGGEST HUG EVER. When I was chatting with her, someone tapped on my shoulder, and I looked behind me and it was my friend Kelsey, who I worked with a lot in Winter Quarters. I had been thinking about her a lot, and I was SO happy to see her. She's an amazing person.
My adventures as a Trail Center Trainer are a bit stressful. Thankfully I'm the newbie, so it's probably not as stressful for me as it is for Sister Larsen. We planned an orientation for all the new sisters, which is a new program, so that took a big chunk of time AND energy. It was fun to do though. We also had my first Trail Center Training on Saturday, which was really fun. We trained on using the Doctrine of Christ in the trail center on tour. The spirit was really strong. Heavenly Father really helped me to not be nervous and just train. I was really thankful for that. It's interesting. Past TC trainers have said before that when they became TC trainer, they suddenly had this deep love for all the sisters. I always kind of assumed that was a lie. haha. I loved them anyway, before, but really, it's true. I feel such love for them, and I have this desire to help them in anyway that I can. I wonder if that's how Zone Leaders feel, too.
I've had some awesome tours. Just yesterday, I took a returning missionary with his family on tour. They were still in town before heading home, so they came back to do a tour. I was really nervous for the tour. I didn't really know Elder Haslam that well, and they were kind of quiet, so when they were in the theater I prayed really hard that I would love them, and that we would all be comfortable and feel the spirit really strong. When we were in the Memorial Room, I was bearing my testimony about some things, and before we went on, Elder Haslam interjected and said that he wanted to say something. He said something along the lines of, "Missions are really really hard, emotionally, physically, spiritually, mentally. One of the biggest motivators for me was knowing about the pioneers...." He said a few things on that, and then said,"I'm so grateful that I got to be here, with all the blood sweat and tears, where they did the same." That's not a word for word quote, but that's basically most of it. It was so powerful. I feel the exact same way. It really hit me hard. It's neat to me to know that Those pioneer angels surround me each time I'm at the Trail Center.
We're teaching this awesome family. Jeremy and Jessica. We GQd them and they told us to come on back, and set up an appt. We went back for the appt and they had cookies and Lemonade all set up for us! cool huh?! Anyway, I ate the cookie, even though i was allergic. Jessica was worried that they looked weird, and I didn't wanna seem snobbish so I just ate it so I wouldn't hurt her feelings. It was good, no matter the consequence! haha. Anyway, they're awesome. They are already super religious, and Jeremy is hesitant about the Book of Mormon, but I know he will get his answer if he really seeks it out =)... Also... they have awesome taste in music... just throwing that out there =)
My calling as TC trainer doesn't allow time for me to be trunky, even if I wanted to be trunky... so don't worry! haha. I love you all.... keep writing me =)
Sister B

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