Sunday, August 14, 2011

April 25th Email!

This week has been pretty hectic! The Trail Center has been super busy with summer starting up.... although it's been cold.
I had a cool experience I'd like to share! Last Pday I was in a really crabby mood. I'd been frustrated with some things and I was feeling a little hopeless I guess. I had been frustrated with my area, because I feel like I haven't done anything but drop people, tract, and eat dinner with members, and I was just a little fed up. ANYWAY, that night I prayed really hard and asked if I was really "equipped" to handle the area. I also asked if he would PLEASE let the sun come out because it would really make me feel better. a few things happened after that prayer. I woke up and went about the usually morning routine, and as I was getting ready, the sun shined brightly through my window. I was SO excited. I knew at that point that at least he was letting me know he heard me, if nothing else. As I was having personal study, I continued on in my Book of Mormon reading and came across a verse that was highlighted, and had a date next to it. a little over a year ago, as I was preparing to enter the temple, there were some things that I was struggling with, mostly fear of going on a mission mixed in with some things that were frustrating in my life at the time, but on a particular night, I was reading and came across this verse and it was exactly what I needed to read. The verses were in Alma 8:14-15. Alma had just dealt with a lot of rejection and was dealing with a lot of "sorrow"... the verses talk about how there are important things to be done, and that we have no need to fear. In fact, we have a lot of reason to be happy, so long as we are obedient. As I was reminded of this experience and the verse I knew that Heavenly Father was answering my prayer. He was comforting me and letting me know that I have the greatest calling EVER and that I need to be happy. Also, at the end of the verses it talks about how the Lord is the one who gave us our callings, or our different experiences in life. He let me know that not only will everything be okay, but that I am called by him, therefore I AM equipped to handle this. I can't do anything alone, without him, but I am equipped so long as I trust him. that was an important lesson for me to learn.
I have been having some really neat experiences in the Trail Center lately. I've been praying that more people would come in and that I'd be able to really let the spirit guide my tours, so I could help those who come in. Heavenly Father has been really tossing people to me. It's been neat. First of all, I was able to share that experience in a morning prayer/thought for the TC before a shift, and afterwards, Sister Watson (trail center director's wife) came up to me and asked me to write down the reference, because that was something she REALLY needed. She talked to me for a few minutes and told me why and I was so glad she was able to find comfort.
Another experience I had was with a couple who came in. They were from Colorado and they were in town for their son's funeral. They knew nothing about the pioneers, and not a whole lot about the church, but they happened to see the sign for the Mormon Trail Center and decided to stop by. I knew that they were there for a reason, and I really tried to know what to say that would help them. We went to the memorial room, and I assured them that they would have an opportunity to see their son again. I said a lot of things that I hope helped them. At one point, the wifesaid she REALLY wanted to see her son again. It is so interesting the things that happen here. People aren't always looking for something when they come in, but when we realy try to personalize each tour and seek guidance from the spirit, they can leave with something. They didn't want missionaries to come, but I KNOW that they were able to find what they needed while they were there. The lord truly lead them there that day.
A few days later was an INSANE day at the trail center. We had tour after tour after tour, and the BYU-Idaho collegiate singers came in to have a tour. They were in town performing with another school here. We actually opened up early so that they could come and then go to the temple after. Anyway, so they came and we split up the choir and took them to different spots (cemetary, gallery, video, Statue exhibit.) My tour was GREAT! I just fell in love with them. It was actually one of the most spiritual tours I've had. It was really neat. I love hearing the testimonies of people who come in. I was really excited, because I made my small group sing with me at the "come, come ye saints" part of the tour. After the tours, they went to the temple, but they promised to come back and sing a few songs for us. I was able to meet their choir director, and he was really nice, and told me a bit about the program and invited me to go an audition (still pondering that)... Anyway, they came back and sang a few awesome songs. We convinced them to sing Come, come ye saints as a whole choir, and they agreed, even though they didn't have any rendition of it. They sang, and by the end, All the sisters on shift, and a few choir members were in tears. It was so powerful. I love the trail center because we can have these awesome experiences, and you never forget the people. I love it. So, now I'm considering BYU-I... just so you know. I never would have before, but I feel like it was a little bit of a nudge from Heavenly Father ;)
Later in the day, a woman came in and she was a disaster. She had been here before, but she had been struggling with some things. she just came in so she could feel the peace in the TC. I spent about a 1/2 hour with her just listening to her story. poor thing. I had to go and greet people, so I turned on a movie for her, and told her that If I didn't see her before she left, I would leave a talk for her that reminded me of her at the front desk. So, I did, and surely enough, I missed her. She did get her talk though, and I am really glad. I hope she comes again and tells me how she's doing.
Millard is growing on me. I have come to realize that when there are people to teach, I am much happier. I am SO happy when I'm teaching. Who would have thought I'd reach that point? Meanwhile, my comp is Lactose intolerant and can't have walnuts. We are so high maintenance. haha.
WELL. I love you all! keep me posted! how is ang doing? I love her!
Sister Bonelli

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