Sunday, August 14, 2011

March 1st Email

I've learned a very important lesson this week about patience. I've been in Ralston 6 months now, and I have waited and waited and worked the hardest I ever have, and seen no baptisms. I saw MANY miracles, and many blessings, but baptisms were non-existant. I've been fairly okay with that, because I know I was doing everything I could. Anyway, Yesterday was a crazy day. we had to take our car in, and the dealer told us that we needed a new water pump, so we couldn't drive it until the part came in. So, we raced to the mission office, and talked to our vehicle coordinator, Elder Herzoff. He agreed, and said that we would need to leave the car at the office until wednesday. We have a bagillion appointments, so we were a little worried. Anyway, he was trying to figure out a solution for us so we could still have a car. He handed me a key, and he said, "Sister Bonelli, who is getting baptized in Ralston-Lavista?"... I informed him that we currently have no sets. He said, "is there anyone promising?" I said, "well, Ely. He's progressing really well." He said, "Here are the keys to the new mission car. If you promise me you will set him, you can use it until transfers when we give it to the area it belongs to." We said, okay! So, I spent the rest of the day driving the BEAUTIFUL white Ford Fusion, with 11 miles on it. I was a nervous wreck. Not only was I responsible for this car, but I had to decide when and how I was going to Set Ely for baptism. He's clearly a tough case. He's really giving baptism a lot of consideration, but still very hesitant.
{Side note: When Ely came to church on Sunday, we had him come with any question he had for God, and to pray about it before and during church. He showed up and he had a tie on, and a GLOW about him. The Ward just really took care of him, and he stayed for ALL three hours!}
Anyway, we went to his appointment last night, and we had a GREAT lesson. All of a sudden, I felt like I should just bring up baptism. So, I asked him if he's been thinking of it. Now, mind you, Ely is a man of few words. However, lately he keeps voluntarily expounding on the things I ask him. So it's been weird. Anyway, he said he had been thinking about it, and he expounded, and said that on Sunday, he decided that he wants to get baptized!!!!!!! We of course were completely shocked. Well, not completely, but sort of. He was just so happy. He knew what was right for him. I have never had such wonderful news in my life. Candice of course was bawling. She was not aware of this decision. We set a date for march 12. As soon as we walked out of the appointment, we said a prayer of gratitude. I Immediately was in tears. I was so happy. I literally have seen a miracle in Ely from the time I met him 'til now. He has changed. I said to Sister Vander Does, "that is what this is all about. Seeing people like Ely come around. If I leave Ralston this week, I will know it was all worth it, because he finally agreed to be baptized."---or something like that. However, I then started crying, because I am pretty sure I am leaving Ralston, and I will be devistated if I can't go to his baptism. I've worked so hard to get to this point with him. But whatever happens will be right, and as long as he gets baptized it will all be okay.
We called Elder Herzoff and told him and he was so excited for us! We tried to get him to let us keep the car, but he didn't. Sad. It's a lucky vehicle that's for sure!
That's all I really want to say about this week. It's been one of much opposition, but in the end I am so happy. I am really hoping to stay another transfer in Ralston, but we'll see! I love you all! keep in touch!

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