Sunday, August 14, 2011

August 1st Email

Well, it's officially like the depths of Hades here. lol. The Trail Center windows are literally sweating! weird, huh?! It's kind of funny. the other day we were out contacting people on the streets, and I am sure the spirit had to be making things work, because I was sweating like a pig, and am sure that what I had to say was not appealing on its own! haha.
Todd is amazing! He was in Gospel principles class yesterday and kept answering all the questions. He's just so good! Also, He's been smoke free for 2 weeks! WOO! He gets baptized next monday. His wife Helen is so cute, too. She made a little sign for he day care letting them know she wouldn't be available that day, and made sure to tell them it was because todd was getting baptized. She actually may be getting baptized, too. They can't find her records anywhere, so she may do it too. Todd keeps telling her she should just do it. He refers to it as "Taking the plunge!".... He's so silly. "Helen, we might as well save some time and have you take the plunge with me!" I just love those two.
I had another adventure as TC trainer. We got together friday night to plan training for saturday. It's so cool to see what happens in those meetings. This particular meeting, we didn't even have a topic in mind yet, and we had to start from scratch. But literally within a few minutes we knew exactly what to talk about. We had a tour in mind all about Sacrifice. We were going to select 4 sisters to touch base on sacrifice at each of the spots in gallery. We knew exactly which sisters. It's interesting to see how that happens. I know that it's directed by the spirit, and it's not like I feel this incredible force telling me, "sister so-and-so needs to talk about the Log cabin." It just makes sense, whether I know anything about them or not. That's the cool thing about callings. What you need to do just makes sense. I love it.
President Kunz's daughter just got back from her mission, and came to training on Saturday. She was awesome, and I learned a lot from her! It was a little daunting to think about being a return missionary. It's almost more pressure than being a full-time missionary. Don't judge me if I am not as fantastic as you hope I'll be! haha.
Well, it's now august, and I'm about to turn 23. ew. I've decided that I'm staying 23 forever. also, I've decided to stay in Nebraska forever. Or maybe I'll just come back when i have a family. We'll see. I love this place so much. Humidity and snow and all.
I love you all. write me soon!
Sister Bonelli

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