Sunday, August 14, 2011

July 19th Email

Okay, so logistical things first.... I now have a profile on! WOO! Check me out! It's under "lianna"... We're not allowed to give out missionary info, just that we're serving missions... so that's why it's my first name. Anyway, look it up, and then make one! =)
It's been a miraculous week! We started teaching this man, Todd. He's a referral from his neighbors, the Mccashs. They called us a few weeks ago and told us that they had these neighbors that would like to learn more about the church. We dropped by and set up an appt with them. Their names are Helen and Todd Kmiecik. They are amazing. Helen is actually already a member, but a lost sheep. She Stopped going when she was really young, and doesn't remember her baptism, but her mom is active and said she's been baptized. Anyway, they have this amazing desire to do something different in their lives, so they are coming back to church. Todd says he's been feeling so much better about life. He's seen changes that have come because of his faith. He said it's not just because he's going to church, but because he has more faith now. He really feels the spirit. It's amazing. He's been reading and going to church, even before actually meeting with us, and has committed himself to do all of these things! We all hit it off right away. I feel like I've known them for forever, and it's like I'm watching my long time friend turn his life around. It's so neat how that happens. Anyway, We invited him to be baptized, and he will be baptized on the 30th! The other day we taught him about the Word of Wisdom, cause we were pretty sure he smoked, and he said that he and Helen recently decided to quit drinking coffee. He said that he was reading one of the pamphlets a few days before, and after reading it he knew that he needed to give up smoking. It wasn't the W.o.W pamphlet, it was a different one, but he recognized the need to change his habits. He wrote down on the pamphlet, "monday and 6:00"... meaning, that on monday at 6 he was going to quit smoking. AMAZING. I promised that I would quit eating unnessecary sugar, while he was quitting, so that he would know that I was giving something up to. Haha. He probably doesn't really need me to do that... but I really need to be better about that, so I'm having him hold me accountable! haha. I'm only eating desserts at dinner appts. It's helpful, every time I want to eat a piece of candy, I just remember that Todd is not smoking a cigarette. It's nice =) Anyway, it's been so neat to see the blessings that he is experiencing right now. And for Helen, too... she is so excited to see the changes in her life as well. They are amazing =)
Right now there's an annual pageant going on at the Kanesville Tabernacle in Council Bluffs, IA. They put on a pioneer play called "come home to kanesville." This year, President approved a "missionary session," that we were all allowed to attend. It was a lot of fun! Kind of weird, being at a play... but really cool. I hadn't been to the Tabernacle since the beginning of my mission, so there were lots of flashbacks going on, and it made me a little queezy. haha. I enjoyed it though, and since I'm obsessed with the pioneers, it was the best! =)
President has a conference call with all of the departing missionaries in their last transfer... so mine was up... We all got on the line, and had a little meeting. He gave us a pep-talk and some advice for staying focused. It was a neat meeting, not overwhelming at all... However, it did make everything a little more real, and it resulted in me getting off the phone at the end, and having a little cry-fest. Don't worry, it didn't last long! I've promised myself that I will NOT go into a fullfledged breakdown over going home. It's just not nessecary. haha.
well, I love you all a lot! Keep writing me!

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