Sunday, August 14, 2011

March 29th Email

It's been a fabulous week!
Our investigator Layla has a baptismal date! That's exciting!
Tom came to the trail center and loves it! Also, we had a lesson and sister Kunz came. She kind of took over the lesson and invited him to pray about it right there... in the lesson! So, he did! He waited for Heavenly Father to answer for a realllllllly long time... and it was a little awkward, but then he jumped up and said, "I think I got an answer!"... he said he still doesn't know, but the thought "by their fruits you shall know them" came to mind... SO COOL. He's just awesome... he's very motivated. He doesn't want to make the wrong choice but he believes everything he's learned, and he's really studied it out... so we're excited about him!
I got to go on exchanges to Bellevue Nebraska yesterday! That was lots of fun! I usually hate exchanges. Either you're in your area and you are without your companion, or you're in another area and you miss your area and it's just frustrating. But I was in Bellevue yesterday and I loved it. I really connected with the people there and I just really enjoyed it. We'll see what happens next transfer! There's a recent convert in Bellevue named Matt who is awesome. I actually met him MONTHS ago. He was accidentally called in the call center at the TC by sister Brady, and he accepted the invite to meet with missionaries. He came to the trail center and I got to take him on tour. He investigated for MONTHS, and I'm not sure why, but he always would talk to the sisters in bellevue about the tour I took him on. Anyway, I got to talk to him just before they set him for baptism and he even requested me to go to his baptism, but it was out of my zone so I couldn't. Anyway, we got to make a special stop and visit him while I was there yesterday. He's all GLOWY. So awesome. It's funny being on a mission, just the different people you meet and connect with.
I can't remember if anything else has happened this week! But, it's been a fabulous one! I love you all! write me soon!
Sister B

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