Sunday, August 14, 2011

May 17th Email

Hey family!
This past week was really great! I got to go to specialized training, which was really awesome. President has been doing this new thing where he only invites specific missionaries for particular trainings, and so he splits up companionships... so I went all the way to Lincoln without my companion. CRAZY. Also...I was on the mission van... All alone with a bunch of Elders... THAT was really weird. President authorized it though... so I guess it was fine. weird. Anyway, the training was just what I needed. so I was grateful for that =)
Melissa is doing SO WELL. Last week we taught her and she really opened up to us about her whole life. She's really been through a lot, and has done so well in her life with raising her kids and being a wonderful person. She's still so determined to be baptized. She went out of town the other day, and she keeps telling people she's excited for vacation, but not as excited as she is about her baptism! So awesome. I love her. She will be baptized on the 28th.
We had Florence Days again on Saturday! It was SO MUCH FUN! I loved it, even more than last year. Before it started we gathered in one of our theaters at the TC and sang songs, and I sang that pioneer song, that sister myers wrote, for everyone. It was interesting doing that in pioneer clothes ;).... We had this awesome journalist follow us around all day. He works for a news paper, but he just felt like doing a project on the history of Omaha, so he hung out with us all day and took pictures. He was neat. He was really young so it was like he was one of us. The parade was awesome! This year, the sisters got to sit in the handcarts... which I was HAPPY to do... haha. We had a blast. I will attach some pics.
Sunday was neat. Melissa had already left town, and we were trying to get our investigator Heidi to come to church. When I first got to the area, I dropped a lot of people who weren't really progressing, and heidi was the one person that I didn't let go of... even though she hadn't been really progressing. I just really felt like we needed to keep teaching her. Anyway, she surprised us and showed up for sacrament meeting! We were so happy! AND... Melissa's son Cody also showed up, which we weren't expecting... We were really excited!
This Saturday an apostle is coming!!!!!! I'm so excited. We still don't know who it is... what the heck? Either way I'm excited. Speculations say it is Elder Cristofferson... that would be cool. Right now I'm just preparing myself for that and just trying to make sure the week goes smoothly! Also we are going to the temple this friday... which is also really great =)
I think Daily about my mission and what it has meant to me. I remember being terrified, and thinking I would never want to serve a mission... but this has been such an incredible journey. Even the hard times. I wish I could explain how I've changed on the inside. hopefully it shows...
I love you all!
Sister B

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