Sunday, August 14, 2011

March 15th Email

We've had a fabulous week. Ely is getting more and more excited to be baptized on Saturday. He's just really jumped in and changed so much. I never saw this coming. i knew someday he'd be baptized, but I didn't think it would be while I was here, and I didn't expect his whole personality to change! He's really quite remarkable! He and Candice came to church on Sunday, and she had to leave early. BUT, he stayed, even without her. We were so proud of him. He answered questions in Gospel Principles class, which he NEVER would have done before. He's extremely shy. Yesterday, our most devoted dinner-givers invited them over with us to have dinner, and Ely was throwing out cooking tips and starting all kinds of conversations. The whole time I was like "Who ARE you?"
We've had lots of amazing things happen. We had an opportunity to go on splits the other day. Sister Vander Does and Sister Kunz went to an appointment, and Sister Warner and I went and knocked on some doors. We knocked on a door, and it was amazing! first of all, his apartment looked and smelled like a starbucks... so that was fun. And then he turned out to be completely searching for truth! Just the day before he was reading about Joseph Smith, and he said he's completely fascinated by him, and he just wants to head in the right direction. He even prayed that he would know, and that he would do anything for it! AMAZING. We also met a woman who wants her family to start going back to church, but they haven't found one that fits yet. She said she and her husband were just barely talking about it. So cool.
I have a habit of saying really awkward things. I think it's mainly my companion's faults. For instance, I ment to ask our High Priest group leader how he was, but I accidently said, "Brother Johnson! how OLD are you?"... It's embarrassing, but I figure I've been in Ralston long enough that my flaws are unnoticed at this point.
Well, I love you all, and I'm thankful for your support! HOWEVER, I think it's about time my friends started writing me again... I have no idea how you are, and I have no idea who's engaged at this point! keep me posted! love you!
Sister B

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