Sunday, August 14, 2011

August 9th Email

Helen and Todd were baptized last night! WOO! Helen's records were nowhere to be found, so we got to see 2 baptisms! It was wonderful. They were both so excited. They had their interview on Saturday, and our district leader told us a little about it. He said that Todd told him that after the first few visits with us, he couldn't sleep because he was just so overwhelmed. He would just go over in his mind everything he was learning, and it all just made sense to him. At the baptism, they both bore their testimonies, and Todd said that his whole life he had faith, but there was always a hole. He had finall filled it!
Melissa is still doing super well. She had been really sick for weeks, and I had been able to see her, but she's doing so much better now, and finally was able to get to church. She bore her testimony and just amazed me again! She said that she is fine. She doesn't have to worry anymore. I've been so lucky to hear how the gospel truly has profoundly affected the people I've met on my mission. I've really seen so many miracles.
Our investigator Holly finally came to church. Her adorable little girls Halle and Mckaela came with her! We've been teaching them "I Am a Child of God," and they have been so excited about it, and for the closing hymn, we sang that! They were ecstatic and sang at the top of their lungs! It was special =)
My friend Erika from the WQ ward came to see me at the Trail Center. She is leaving for her mission TOMORROW! WOO! I am so excited for her. She joined the church a few years ago, and is so awesome. Can't wait to hear how she is doing.
I got to go to Zone Leader council on Friday! WOO! That's where the all the zone leaders, the assistants, president, and the trail center trainers meet together and discuss the mission and some of the needs, and set goals and receive training. It was AWESOME. We had a panel with a few people from Omaha, and Our Ward Mission Leader and Bishop were on the panel. I learned a lot. Sister Kunz gave a training on hope, which I loved. She talked about hope being an expectation. She called it Righteous Expectation. One thing I thought was neat was this quote, "Because Christ successfully completed his mission, we have every reason to hope." That is so true. I've been able to grasp a little bit of that lately. Especially with the short time frame that I have. Although I am nervous to embark on the rest of my life, I'm not scared. I have learned that I can do anything through the atonement that is nessecary for me to do. It's nerve wracking... but It's going to be just fine. Anyway, we got to go to the temple after which was nice... by the time I go home I'll have been lucky enough to go 3 times this transfer!
On saturday, I may have had a little cry fest just before meeting with our ward mission leader. He's super awesome, so sister myers said, "well, if there is anyone who wouldn't judge you it would be him, so it's ok!" I agreed and we went in. He saw that I was sad, and asked what happened, and I cried more, and told him. He then told me to sit down and said, "Sister Bonelli... Sister Meryhew sat right there and cried in my living room. Sister Mortensen sat right there and cried in my living room about going home. AND LOOK AT THEM NOW!" He then proceeded to pull up pictures of them with their boyfriends. I'm not even worried about boys. haha. silly brother jensen.
hmmm.. I think those are the main points of the week. It has been a good one. I'm working hard to just make sure I'm doing everything Heavenly Father wants me to right now... It's a struggle, of course... but it's great! I love you all....
Sister bonelli

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