Sunday, August 14, 2011

June 20th Email

Hey Fam!
So this week was pretty awesome. I've officially strengthened my testimony of Member missionary work! IT'S SO IMPORTANT! Our ward's super awesome plan has been so amazing! Just having members with us all the time has helped us to have more people to teach. I know that that is a result of us working together, and Heavenly Father recognizing that and helping us do what he's asked! It's been really great. People don't realize that the missionaries can only do so much. We are responsible for teaching, and having the spirit with us, and working extra hard... but our prime responsibility is to help members with THEIR missionary work. We're only so effective without that mind-set.
Some funny experiences to jot down:
*my pinky finger was almost detatched from my hand after being slammed by a 2 year old carrying a pink baton.
*I learned how to properly use a round-about this week. about time.
*Mimi sent me Twilight Candy.... I was beside myself.
We teach this cute little hispanic family. Their Daughter, Salma, is an 11 year old Recent convert, and the rest of the family is investigators. It's kind of a complicated situation, because the parents are not married, so that's why they're not baptized yet. Anyway, Maria, the mom is the sweetest ever. She is way better at english than she thinks she is, and is always learning different little things from us. She has a 2 year old named Esai (pink baton boy)... He calls us Mormonas (mor-mone-ahs). Yesterday we were over there, and Maria always gives us some kind of fruit to take home with us, and Esai has been picking up on this and handed each of us a banana to take home! It was way cute. Also, after he wacked me with the baton, he ran out of the room, and 2 minutes later, he came back with 3 blankets, and put them on me to make me feel better, and to apologize.... He was totally forgiven!
We're teaching a man named Lloyd now. He is a really old veteran from the Korean War. He's awesome! He read his assignment we gave him, and called us and told us he really related to the First Vision. He said he had had some experiences before with people that had passed away. He said that when we went over there next time, he wanted us to explain why he'd had those experiences. WHOA.
This past week has been really fantastic. I love being a missionary. For a few weeks, I started to realize how tired I am, and it was starting to get to me, but I'm good now. I think the end of my mission will be the best part =)
Sister Bonelli

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