Sunday, August 14, 2011

April 4th Email

What a week!
It was a pretty rough one actually. We had lots of people drop us. LOTS. One of them was actually a less-active named Jinx. I've worked with jinx for the past 7 months. She's come SO close to coming back, and I've seen such a change in her. Everything has worked against her though and it's just been hard for her to come back even though she knows that's the right thing. She called us, after an incredibly long day of walking around, and told me that it hurt her to make this call, but she had agonized over what to do for too long, and she decided to just stay where she was at. I could hear the pain in her voice, and the hesitation. I had found a talk a few days before that I thought was for me, but I knew it was something she needed too, so i told her that, and she let us go over the next day. We went and gave her the talk and chatted with her for a few minutes. But it was kind of the same as the phone call. I love her so much, and it just broke my heart. We had a shift at the trail center right after, and we got in the car, and I think I cried the whole way there. The tough part of a mission is the love you feel for the people and the devistation that happens when you have to give them up.... I'd say that's my only complaint.
On the upside! Tom is doing great! That same day, Tom met us at the TC, and we walked over and had a lesson outside the temple. We invited to come watch conference at the TC the next day and he agreed. He came to conference and LOVED it. He said he wanted to watch more, and he said that he would go to the church! He has been super hesitant about going to the church, so that's awesome! He went to a session at church, and loved it again! He also said he'd pray about 4/23 for baptism! He said he would ditch his finals to get baptized if that's what god wants! he's awesome!
We had 2 little miracles yesterday. 2 former investigators called us and told us they wanted to meet with us! So, even though the week was a little rough, it got better, so we were excited =)
I love you all! have a fabulous week! keep writing me letters.... or well... start up again (cough, cough) love you!
Sister Bonelli

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