Sunday, August 14, 2011

June 13th Email

Hey family!
Not too much to report this week! I got to see Chad! I was so excited. I had been hearing all about him from other sisters, and it was starting to annoy me! He came into the TC and I got to chat with him for a few minutes. I felt bad, because I was having an off day, and I think he may have felt awkward... but I was really happy to see him!
The Trail Center is SO busy. I've been taking a lot of big 40 person tours lately. Big groups come in a lot during the summer months. I got to take a big youth tour the other day. They were from Utah. It was a 90 person tour, but we split them in half. They were all kids who just graduated from high school in the same stake. It was awesome! I got to relate a lot of things to their situation and the spirit was really strong.
It turns out the Elder they had me take on tour is probably going to go home... Sad. I tried really hard to help.
Our ward is starting up a new plan to get the members more involved in the work! We start tomorrow. It's such an awesome plan. I'm excited. Our Ward Mission Leader spoke in Sacrament yesterday, and he gave the most amazing talk! He began the talk by just talking all about the most recent converts in the ward and telling their stories. as he told each one, you could tell how much he cared about them and how much he loved being a part of the missionary work in the ward. It was awesome. Anyway, the ward seems to be responding well and we're excited =)
Not much else is happening. I can see fantastic things in the future for Millard! So excited.
Love you all
Sister Bonelli!

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