Tuesday, August 16, 2011

August 16th Email

Dear Family,
Well, the time has come for me to write my last email home on my mission. I can't believe it! It's been a very roller-coastery week. I've had a few moments--well, a lot--- of "oh my gosh, I'm leaving!" those usually result in tears. I had my last trail center training, and they had the traditional "departing testimonies" with me and sister Larsen. It was neat to be that missionary, sharing what has changed my life over the course of 18 months. It was also really sad. My old companion, Sister Mortensen and another sister, Sister Evans, were here visiting, so I got to see them and seek some advice! They are awesome! It's been a week full of lasts, which is soooo surreal, but it's called for many powerful moments.
I took my last tour in the trail center, which happened to be the perfect way to end my experience as a visitor center sister. It was a missionary tour. Elder Pauni and Elder Robinson brought in their investigator. She was AMAZING. The spirit was so strong. We spent a good chunk of the time resolving some concerns she had. I really felt like a missionary. I actually prayed that for my last shift I would be able to really help someone, that someone who really needed me would come in. She did. We really connected, and she even wanted a picture with me. I gave her my address so she could tell me how she's doing. It was amazing.... I am so grateful for that experience.
I had my last district meeting... which was also really powerful. I learned a lot of things I really needed.
I had dinner with Melissa last night! She was so great! She taught US the lesson. She never ceases to amaze me. we exchanged how we've impacted each other's lives, and it was neat.
Todd and Helen are coming to CALIFORNIA in october, and I'm totally going to have lunch with them! SO EXCITED! Tonight we're going to help them garden, and having a lesson...
So much emotion is going on right now, more than I can really express, but I do want to take a few to share what my life has been able to be for the last 18 months. I have learned what it means to love... and what you do because you love someone. I've learned that if you are obedient, you shall not fear! I KNOW THAT. There is no reason to fear when you have done what the Lord has asked. I've learned that people come into our lives for VERY specific reasons I've learned that the Atonement is truly real. That we really can be with our Heavenly Father again someday, because of the Savior. I know that NOTHING is coincidental. I've learned that prayer works, and that it's not to be taken lightly. I've been able to learn from each experience, whether good or bad. I'm so grateful that I got to learn what I have, and that I was able to do it here in Nebraska. I've felt like the luckiest girl in the world for my whole mission, because I got to be a missionary. Something I was SO afraid of has been the biggest miracle, and I've truly changed. it's changed EVERYTHING for me. I don't know why I got to be so blessed, but I'm glad I have been here. From the second I got off the plane, I knew I didn't want to ever leave Nebraska, and now the time has come... But it's okay. I know that there are more blessings in store, and I'm still a missionary. I know that I have lots of things to do. What they are, I haven't entirely figured out, but I know that I can strive to do what the Lord asks, and I will be just fine! I LOVE my mission. It's everything to me. I will never EVER forget what it's done for me. (here come the tears) I've seen a lot of lives change, and it's because I was lucky enough to be there to see it. I know that each of us has a place in the gospel plan, and that we each have specific people we NEED to meet and bless. I know that... I love all of you, and I will see you in a few days.... Don't mind the bags under my eyes, or the farmer's tan... Hopefully they will go away with time. haha =)
Sister Bonelli.

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