Sunday, August 14, 2011

April 19th Email

Well, I have been transferred to MILLARD! Normally pronounced (mill-erd)... but I like to call it "meel-ahd"... it sounds more ritzy. Anyway, It is a really fancy area. There is no ghetto, which makes tracting a little difficult. The ward is SO nice though. Everyone takes really great care of us. There's a gluten free family here, and they are awesome. I will be set in that department! =)
I had to leave Ralston... which was really really hard. I feel like a part of me is missing, because it's become such a part of me. I said goodbye to all of the people I grew to love so much. I said goodbye to jinx, and I will miss her so much. I will definitely call her all the time when I go home. I said bye to the Burton family (bishop and his family), and they were so sweet. I have learned a lot from them and their examples. I also said bye to Tom. OH MAN. I wish I could keep teaching him! He's fantastic though. The cool thing is that since I was leaving, I felt more comfortable being super bold with him. So I told him that he pretty much has his answer and that he has had plenty of experiences to show that he has. He was so funny. He told me that he's learned a lot from me and that I am a natural leader. LEADER? yeah right. It was sweet though! I guess it's nice to hear things like that from a law student! ;) We also went to see Candice and Ely. Candice cried the whole time and it just broke my heart! Ely was so cute! He said in his deep southern drawl "miss you"... it was adorable. Especially because he used to want nothing to do with me! =) I also told them that they needed to do EVERYTHING to get to the temple. OH, side note... Ely told us that night that he got to go do baptisms for the dead the day before! I was so excited. Anyway, we sang them a little song and then we left. I kept my crying covered until we left, and then I let it go once we got to the car. I almost feel like I'm going "home" home. It was tough to leave.
Millard is a good place. It's taking some adjustment, but I'll get there! I'm follow-up training Sister Monson. She's great. Wish me luck on my new adventure!
So... An Apostle is coming to the mission on 5/21!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOO! I've been waiting for this! We don't know who yet. BUT, there will also be a member of the presidency of the seventy, and someone from the presiding bishopric! So awesome! hopefully I get to meet him!
Well, that's about it.... I love you all! I pray for you every day! MUAH
sister bonelli

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